Do you want to sell your home?

You are on the verge of starting one of the most far-reaching financial enterprises of your life. If you want to get an outstanding experience along with the highest price you must choose the best agent.
I am Nima and together with my team we are one of the top boutique agents in Toronto. When you choose us, you get:

Top Notch Experience and Expertise

We are specialized in selling Toronto’s unique properties, with a focus on its finest neighbourhoods such as Rosedale, Post Rd., Bayview & Yorkmills, and Cricket Club.

We are proud to provide an exceptional experience for all customers, including international marketing exposure to some of the most affluent individuals in Iran, Dubai, Russia, China, Hong Kong and Select US States such as New York, Los Angles, and Miami.

Leading Market Intelligence

The first step is to assess your property’s value. You will know how much your home is worth before deciding to put it on the market. We will provide an extensive price comparison to similar homes in the area to find the right price.

Best Marketing

No property is created equally so why use the same marketing approach for every property? Our marketing strategies are carefully tailored to each property. Our team of experts in interior design, staging, marketing and administration will advise you on how to prepare your house to maximize its selling price. The key is to only make improvements that add value to your property.

We know it is decisive to get your home seen by your target market. We offer unparalleled marketing reach and exposure to make sure your property gets the exposure it needs for the best result possible. Here is our approach to provide your home the with “wow factor”:

  • Dedicated website and virtual tour. Your home will get its own domain name!
  • Professional photographer providing great HDR photography to make significant first impression and attract clients.
  • Consultation with a professional stager to guarantee your home shows its best.
  • Accurate floor plans.
  • Full-color feature sheets.
  • Advertise your house through real estate magazines and newspapers until we sell it.

We will do everything to make buyers fall in love with your house… and pay more!

Outstanding Negotiation Skills

Negotiation is one of the major advantages our company brings to the table. In today’s ever increasing competitive market, the capacity to walk with utmost confidence into a negotiation is paramount.

A Superior Experience

We understand that selling your property is a stressful process. Aside from the emotional attachments to your property, you could be annoyed over moving out of your house and finding another property. That is why we are here to make it as easy as possible and guide you through every step of the process. We understand that you might be anxious about the process and there’s nothing worse than not knowing what’s going on. That’s why we will provide you a detailed weekly update on our activity.

Concierge Service

We are happy to take care of you needs and provide unparalleled concierge services to make selling smooth.

Now Let’s Sell Your House

Call us now to arrange a meeting. We will present a plan that details exactly how we will go about marketing and selling your property. Also as part of our services we will provide you with a free & no obligation home evaluation report of your property.

You pay no upfront fees for our services. This way, you are assured we work hard to get your property sold for the best price possible.

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